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Happy International Women’s Day!

Mikalla International Women's Day postThe world as we know it revolves around this idea of women being socialized as the number one caregiver: we are nurturers, caretakers, emotional support – but what happens when the role we are forced to encompass overshadows our own needs? Who takes care of us?

We tend to perpetually strive to be there for other people: our parents, our spouses or significant others, our siblings, our friends, name them! We tend to always be the support others need.

We are socialized and expected to take care of those around us, and this can naturally throw us into frenzy of neglect and under appreciation from those who we assist the most, or worse; we tend to lose ourselves and our identity in giving so much of ourselves to others and may never realize it.

Who stops to think of us? And even so, who knows exactly what we need better than us?

We should be able to take care of ourselves since we are able to take care of everyone else, right? WRONG! This could easily be the biggest misconception of all time!

Let’s admit it, given the day off to just relax; most of us would not know where to begin and/or what to do.

Mikalla is here to help. Every Wednesday this month,  to celebrate the International Women’s Day, we will be sharing Self Care, Beyond Hair Tips on our social media pages that just could be exactly what you need to get back in tune with who you are.

Taking care of yourself is taking care of those who you sacrifice so much for. They, who depend on you so much, need you to be okay. Not just at face value, but to TRULY be OKAY. You also matter.

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