about us

Alkhemy Brands Limited, is manufacturer of fast moving consumer goods in personal care specifically, retail cosmetics for the African hair and skin. We are designers of every day living solutions for the African consumer. We are currently working on what amplifies external and inner beauty with a future aspiration towards having solutions for what s/he eats, drinks, and washes.

We aim to design brands that make life more wholesome, people more confident, vibrant, healthier and happier; doing this in ways that are good for mankind. Our products include, shampoo, conditioners, treatments, pomades, oils, styling gels, waxes, sheens, sprays, lotions, creams, scrubs, toners, laquer removers, cuticle softeners

what others say about our products


Black Expressions, Buruburu

“Mikalla products have been well thought out, the conditioner is of good quality and very rich, I actually use it as my treatment at times!”


Pearl Salon Gateway Mall

“Very effective products especially the shampoo, its strawberry scent is tantalizing and doesn’t leave hair feeling dry and tangled”


Studio 76 "Amazing product range

“My Barber shop clients are willing to spend as much for the Mikalla scalp soothing treatment and leave in”


Kenfinn Salon EcoBank Towers

“I use Mikalla treatment on dreadlocks clients since it helps heal the scalp”


Ralphs Hairworks

“Mikalla treatment is refreshing and coop it adds onto the client experience”


Ashley’s Ruaka

“I tried the first batch of treatment and would endorse it to any of my clients, the mint effect on the scalp is what works for me”


Farouk’s Salon

“Mikalla products are remarkable, my favorite is the conditioner which literally improves hair texture. The claims are true”